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About us

About us

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Tel : +86-755-23573745
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Founded in 2011,Easy Way PCB is the leading manufacturer of prototypes and small- volume PCB in China.

Easy Way PCB’s “Delivery on-time” and “Reliable board” has won widely recognition in the global market. Easy Way PCB’s products are extensively used in the fields ofcommunications, network, industrial control, automobile, computer peripheral, and national defense, aerospace and medical device, etc. Easy Way PCB has established strategic partnerships  with many industry-recognized domestic and foreign  companies.

Easy Way PCB can process more than 180 different part numbers in one work day! More than 60% of our current orders are multilayer boards. Monthly production capability reaches 5000 square meters. Now, Easy Way has over 300 employees,including a professional engineer team of 40 skilled CAM engineers. Operation staffs
haveworking experience of over 5 years in average, so JSD PCB has powerful advantages in the field of High-precision, Superior Difficulty boards.

At present, Easy Way PCB has been certified with international standards of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, UL , SGS, and so on.

Easy Way Electronic Technology Limited
Tel: +86-755-23573745
Fax: +86-755-23573745
Email: jasonliu@easypcba.com
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